IP Validation

IP Validation Overview

IP Validation is a data service that performs a quality check on an IP address and returns the input IP address with a quality score attached to it.

IP Validation Process

input: IP address

output: IP address, IPV score

IP Validation Highlights

  • IP Cleansing
  • IP Quality Check
  • Fraud Detection and Mitigation
  • Network Security
  • Digital / Email Marketing

IP Validation Scores

IP address Status
1 IP is not real or maps to a known server that manufactures highly suspect registrations.
2 IP does not have a hostname and came from an International source.
3 IP does not have a hostname but comes from a location in the US.
4 IP has a hostname and it is US based, but maps to a currently unknown network.
5 IP maps to US based hostname from a legitimate residential network service provider.

IP Validation Licensing

IP Validation can be purchased under license or ad hoc. Pricing is based on volumes.

Sample IP Validation.

IP Validation Delivery and Service Times

IP Validation services are delivered in batch mode. Flat file input, flat file output. Delivery times vary based on spot capacity. Contact us for more details.