Domain Append
Domain Append
  input:  COMPANY INFO         |         output: DOMAIN         |         API   /   BATCH  

Domain Append Overview

Domain Append is a data service that finds and appends a domain to a given company name, address, phone or email. Profound Networks operates Domain Append as a stand alone service. This process is often required as a prerequisite step for querying the DBI database when the input file doesn’t have domains. Domain Append is the opposite process of Address Append.

Domain Append Process

input: Company Name, address, phone, email address


Domain Append Highlights

  • Data Validation
  • Preparing data for DBI input
  • Record Building
  • Data Enhancement
  • Domain Change Tracking
  • Domain Corrections

Domain Append Licensing

Domain Append can be purchased under license or ad hoc. Pricing is based on volumes. Sample Domain Append.

Domain Append Delivery and Service Times

Domain append is delivered in batch mode. Flat file input, flat file output. Delivery times vary based on spot capacity. Contact us for more details.