DomainAppender was created to link a company name and address to the correct business website. We built a process to search for and identify the correct business domain (website) given an input of company name, address and phone number. The input record supplied by our clients consisting of company name and address are matched with the index of websites collected. Candidate domains are selected that have the highest match grade. That is, we select the site where the input address matches the address published on the website (or the closest match). DomainAppender then revisits the candidate sites to see if anything has changed and based on the results our model selects the best candidate, thus a successful domain append to an an input business record has been made.

This solution enables our clients to enrich their database with the accurate domain for their customers, suppliers, vendors, prospects, partners, etc. Once appended, the domain finds it’s way into our client’s CRM applications and other data stores.

One benefit of our service to you, the Web Admin, is that your customers, partners, suppliers, and vendors will have the correct website for your business enabling them to find you more effectively and thus driving higher quality visits to your website. DomainAppender respects robots.txt and we have endeavored to make our service as net friendly as possible. Thanks for visiting.