IP Business Intelligence
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IPBI Overview

IPBI is the complete database of all IP addresses on the internet worldwide. Empirically built and based on years of research, IPBI captures all routable and non-routable IP addresses and refreshes them quarterly. IPBI currently tracks approximately 15 attributes for each IP address with additional elements in development. IPBI is currently offered in the North American market in two standardized bundles. Custom configurations of IPBI are possible. Contact us for further inquires.

IPBI Applications

IPBI is used for a variety of business related tasks, processes, projects and programs in the fields of security, fraud mitigation, market sizing, territory mapping, sales, finance, marketing, supply-chain management and more. Other uses include traffic analysis, digital advertising, IP geofencing, WebID, predictive analytics, viability studies, localization services, dynamically rendered content, network measurements.

IPBI Highlights

  • 4 Billion IP Addresses
  • 1.3 Billion Routable IPs
  • 15 Elements per IP Profile
  • 500 Million Infrastructure IPs
  • 800 Million Business IPs
  • IP Geolocation
  • Database Refreshed Quarterly
  • Five Year Historical Data

IPBI Licensing

IPBI can be procured in a variety of ways with flexible licensing and purchasing options.
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IPBI Integration and Delivery

IPBI can be used stand alone or embedded into systems and processes, delivered either in batch mode or via APIs. Contact us for case studies, use cases, licensing or evaluation options.